POTS Inexplicably Improves After Topical DMSO Applications

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  1. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Hi Madie,

    Sorry to hear about those pruney fingertips. I do have a vague memory of reading that can happen. Perhaps a reason I've not experienced it is I always mix my 70% DMSO with magnesium oil--in a 1:2 ratio. So the DMSO is diluted down 2/3 more with that combination.

    I've never tried mixing DMSO with coconut oil. You may have misunderstood me when I said I apply a small amount of coconut oil to my skin if I'm experiencing a prickly sensation. Soothes out that prickly sensation very quickly, as much as 90% within a couple of minutes or so.
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  2. madie

    madie Well-Known Member

    @Wayne you mentioned getting a boost in the morning after applying DMSO. So you avoid using it right at bedtime?
  3. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    @madie, I generally finish up on DMSO around early evening, since I've not known whether or not it would disrupt my sleep. I'm getting ready to do an experiment by trying a little bit on my forehead just before going to sleep, to see whether it reduces my chronic nightly headaches. Would that ever be a blessing.
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  4. Issie

    Issie Well-Known Member

    I am using it right before bed and I'm sleeping better - less pain. I usually have severe muscle cramps and knots in my neck. That is a whole lot better. I started with my neck and shoulders and now putting down length of spine. It seems to be helping.

    My hubby is putting it on. He doesn't like it on his hands. He says it creates more blood flow and his veins enlarge. He says it doesn't feel good to him. But my having POTS and there being blood flow issues, hoping it helps it get to my head better. Using alot at base of skull over brainstem area.

    I'm thinking it is making a difference. I have noticed a little more anxious feelings. But less pain is an okay trade off for me.

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  5. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Hi @Issie,

    Those are are some pretty impressive improvements so far! One option for not getting DMSO on the hands is to use a roller bottle. The trick is to find one that is DMSO friendly; I'm currently working on that.
  6. Hezza

    Hezza Active Member

    I'm waiting on mine to arrive but have been trying to anticipate what kind of receptacle would be appropriate to house the mixture. Please keep us posted on the roller bottle, meantime what is everyone using? I had thought of just a generic glass bottle w a cork?
  7. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Hezza, I'm currently using a plain glass dropper bottle. It's got that flexible plastic tube at the end, but I don't believe the DMSO reaches up to ever touch it. I just got my small 3 oz roller bottle of DMSO today from the company I bought my gallon of DMSO from. I plan to check out yet to see if I can take the roller out, and then dilute the mixture inside down to 70%.​
  8. Hezza

    Hezza Active Member

    @Wayne what brand of magnesium oil do you use to dilute this? The only kind I've ever used leaves a residue on my skin that feels nasty. Maybe that's just the nature of magnesium oil?
  9. madie

    madie Well-Known Member

    If you get it apart, I'd love to know how the roller is made. I have some glass roller bottles with metal rollers, but the inserts are plastic.
  10. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Hezza, one morning after applying magnesium oil, I was walking along in the sunshine and noticed a white residue on my skin. I had never noticed anything like this before, and couldn't imagine how it got there. When I got home, I noticed this residue on my neck and other parts of my body where I apply my morning magnesium oil/DMSO combination.

    I realized this was magnesium oil residue, but couldn't figure out how I could have used it for the past several months and never before experienced anything like this. I decided to cut back significantly on how much I was applying, and the residue staying on my skin went away. I gradually added more over the coming days and weeks, and even though I'm now applying as much as I ever have in the past, the residue problem never showed up again.

    Now if anybody can make sense of that, they deserve a gold star! :happy: The only somewhat rational hypothesis I can think of is I somehow forgot to apply DMSO with magnesium oil on the day I noticed the residue, which would have made the magnesium far more concentrated. It's hard to imagine I did that, but it's equally hard to imagine some of the other things I've spaced out over the years.

    This is the brand I use... -- I would guess the level of purity is a big factor as to whether or not it leaves a residue behind.


    Directions: Fill any container half full with magnesium flakes; then fill to the top with water. It takes about 24 hours for the flakes to dissolve completely, leaving a solution that has an slightly oily consistency (it's not really an oil per se). I then pour it in a spray bottle, which makes it much easier to apply.
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  11. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

  12. madie

    madie Well-Known Member

    I've been using 70% DMSO am/pm for a week now, and have 2 reliable results. Daytime energy has improved some, and my skin is so soft that my visiting daughters noticed before touching me. I mix it with water, and only use coconut oil occasionally, on my face.

    I'm testing DMSO with hemp oil on 3 small patches of very mild psoriasis - almost healed from avoiding dairy, but not quite. One daughter is testing this combo on eczema.

    Multiple-waking insomnia is my primary complaint, and slathering my neck hasn't helped. I'm about to try adding lavender essential oil to the DMSO neck application at night. Lavender essential oil looks to be highest in the terpene linalool, which is sedative.

    Thanks, Wayne! I'm sure you remember how much I love to experiment.
  13. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Hi Madie, thanks for the update. Definitely some nice improvements for you. I too have experienced a notable improvement in my skin texture and appearance. As a bit of a cautionary note, I've read reports where DMSO helped psoriasis, and in other cases where it aggravated it.

    As far as it disrupting your sleep, just a reminder that DMSO transports GABA across the blood brain barrier, which can have a calming effect. Also, I have somewhat of a memory reading that the longer a person uses DMSO, the less they need to use in the future to get the same benefit. So if cutting back is the only way to restore your sleep, it might not end up affecting you that much over the long term.
  14. madie

    madie Well-Known Member

    Yes, that cautionary note is the reason I'm waiting before giving DMSO a glowing report r.e. psoriasis. It looks better one day, then looks flaky the next. Thanks for reinforcing what I had read.

    I guess I was confusing about sleep - because I asked you earlier if it was disruptive for you. I don't think the DMSO is adding to my sleep woes. I am always hopeful that everything I try will help with sleep! I saw no difference between using DMSO morning only vs. am/pm, and no worsening of sleep since I started DMSO. I have some GABA, and I have not tried it recently. I'm in the middle of another sleep experiment, so I'm holding off.
  15. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    A few more updates today:

    1) I've done an energetic technique (from Donna Eden's book "Energy Medicine") for the past few years called "spinal flushing". It involves massaging along both sides of the spine from top to bottom (not particularly easy when doing it to ourselves; but practice makes perfect). When I first started doing DMSO a few months ago, I noticed the tenderness I always felt along my spine went far beyond tender, and became fairly painful. This could radiate out several inches away from my spine.

    I attributed this to some cleansing, and as time went by, this pain gradually diminished. In the past few days, I noticed that the pain has not only diminished, but has disappeared completely; ALONG with the tenderness that I had experienced for so many years. This is accompanied by a greater relaxation in my spine; and in my psyche.

    2) I read it's good to take a break from DMSO now and then. Suggestions were to not take it for a couple days a week, and to skip a couple weeks per year. I started not doing it over the weekends, and have noticed a couple of things. I feel a bit more relaxed when I give DMSO a break, but by the time I get into the second day, I start missing some of the energy DMSO gives me.

    At this point, I'm thinking I may lower my dose when I do take it--perhaps finding that proverbial "sweet spot". Then I can have my relaxation AND my energy--so's I can have my cake, and eat it too. :) Also, I've read that the longer we take DMSO, the less we need to get the same results.

    3) I noticed a couple months ago that I no longer shed hair when I wash it in a shower. I remember reading MSM and DMSO (and sulfur foods in general) are good for hair, fingernails, and more.

    4) I've noticed some skin spots on my forehead have noticeably diminished. They had a bit of a roughness to them, and have now smoothed out to the point where I can't feel them at all when I rub my fingers over my forehead. Really pretty remarkable.
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  16. Issie

    Issie Well-Known Member

    Definitely helps pain and relaxes my muscle spasms. It is helping my neck and back. I find that if something goes out I can put it in easier (EDS issue). I seem to sleep better. I gave it a few days break. But used again tonight and things are better. I just placed my 2nd order. This time I'm going to try a roll on. We will see.....
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  17. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Hi Issie, so nice to hear about all your improvements. I've got a couple more to add for myself.

    I developed an abscessed tooth about 1-2 years ago, and was told by my dentist I needed a root canal and crown (about $2K). Instead of going that route, I started doing various things to combat the infection, and pretty quickly got it under control. I started irrigating 1-2 x daily with hydrogen peroxide water, did daily oil pulling, and various other things. The pain became mostly asymptomatic, and I wouldn't notice it at all... unless I pressed on it, then some tenderness would show up.

    I'd read that DMSO was good for oral infections, and so twice a day about 3 months ago, I started putting a solution of DMSO, sodium ascorbate powder, one drop of oregano and one drop of iodine in my mouth. I'd hold it for about 3-5 minutes, and then gradually start to swallow it. In just the past week, I also started using magnesium oil for brushing my teeth.

    Just yesterday, I realized I hadn't checked on the tenderness in that tooth in a while, and so gave it a good press. Nothing! The lingering tenderness that I'd had for so long seems to have disappeared completely in the past few weeks. I can only attribute it to the DMSO and other ingredients that were able to get deep into my tooth and surrounding gum tissue. I can't help but think this kind of therapy would be good for just about anybody who has any lingering gum disease and/or lingering root canal infections (some experts say ALL root canals are infected).

    Another thing I've noticed recently is my mental stamina has improved. Mental exertion in the past could be worse for me than physical exertion when it came to experiencing PEM.

    Also, I did a Rife session yesterday afternoon (for treating Lyme). Usually when I create a Lyme dieoff from a Rife session, I feel worse for the next 1-2 days or so. Yesterday I started feeling the normal detox reactions through the evening, pretty much expecting things to get worse overnight. Not only did a normal headache not set in, but I actually slept much better than normal, and ended up sleeping for about 10 hours (almost unheard of for me).

    I really think DMSO helped break down the dead Lyme bacteria and carry it out of my body much more efficiently than I've been able to do in the past. Since DMSO can break down heavy metals, it doesn't seem too much of a stretch to believe it can break down and/or dissolve various kinds of other debris floating around the body that shouldn't be there.
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  18. Issie

    Issie Well-Known Member

    That's wonderful. I'm hoping to have some great improvements with more time.
  19. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I noticed I received a discount "Promo Code" with my purchase of DMSO. For anybody ordering for the first time from the same place that I did (dmsostore.com), the Code is "DMSO8P3", which is good for a 10% discount.

    Another pretty amazing testimonial to share...

    A friend of mine became interested in my use of DMSO, especialy when he discovered it actually came from trees. He himself has had major problems with his wrists, which are unusually small and vulnerable. Using them even a little bit in everyday activities can bring on significant pain. When the pain finally subsides, sometimes after hours or days, it then turns into a dull ache.

    So he came over yesterday, I showed him how to dilute the DMSO with water, and gave him a dropper bottle full of DMSO to take with him. He put a few drops on his left wrist, and within a couple minutes, he said he could feel something going on. Within about 5 minutes, he said the pain was virtually completely gone--for the first time in about 50 years!

    He moved both wrists around for a few more minutes, and then put some DMSO on his right wrist. He got the same result. I double checked with him whether ALL the ache and pain had gone away. He said yes, except for a bit of a prickly sensation on his skin--which he said he was quite willing to live with.

    I remain convinced that if DMSO had been patented by a large pharmaceutical company, they would have turned it into a multi-billion dollar a year drug.​
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  20. Sue Stevenson

    Sue Stevenson Active Member

    @Wayne and @madie are you still taking DMSO? Any updates?

    Thanks for this comprehensive info. I've ordered some and look forward to trying it out, esp on my troubled tooth. You mentioned using iodine in your mouthwash @Wayne - was that like Lugol's or was it the sort of iodine that doesn't stain (povidone iodine)?