POTS Inexplicably Improves After Topical DMSO Applications


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@Wayne and @madie are you still taking DMSO? Any updates?

Thanks for this comprehensive info. I've ordered some and look forward to trying it out, esp on my troubled tooth. You mentioned using iodine in your mouthwash @Wayne - was that like Lugol's or was it the sort of iodine that doesn't stain (povidone iodine)?
No, I stopped. It was amazing for my skin - made it very soft. But that was all.


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@Wayne and @madie are you still taking DMSO? Any updates?

Hi Sue (Hi Madie),

I continue to use DMSO, but as a bit of a caveat, I always mix it with magnesium oil when applying it to my skin. It seems clear to me some of the benefit I'm receiving is definitely from the mag. oil.

After the past few months, I continue to believe this DMSO / Mag. Oil combination to be one of the best things I've ever incorporated into my daily life. Most other things I've tried gave me benefits for a while, but then eventually those benefits dissipated, or even became negligible.

I occasionally take a break of 1-2 days, and usually by the 2nd day, I begin to notice a gradual increase in my stiffness and pain syndromes. Specifically, the hugely reduced pain and inflammation in my spinal cord and neck, and an almost complete clearing of a chronic skin rash starts to gradually come back.

Something I'm not sure I mentioned earlier, is that I believe DMSO is definitely supporting my immune system. I think a lot of my POTS, and some periodic pain syndromes on the surface of my skin are both affected by viral activation in my body. And both of these situations continue to be much improved.

One other thing I like about DMSO is that I believe it acts as a solvent in my body, dissolving things that just don't belong there. Specifically, I've had occasional minor pain in my gall bladder area, and have noticed that I get it less often, and has become even more minor.

In this regard, I think there's a good chance DMSO has dissolved some of the "sludge" that often builds up in the liver and gall bladder. I strongly suspect it has the ability to dissolve various other kinds of plaque and buildups as well. It reminds me of something I read once by a holistic practioner: "disease has weight".

Sue, I no longer put iodine in my mouth after I noticed it was beginning to stain my teeth. But I continue to take iodine, which I feel has been of huge benefit to me.

Another supplement I began a few weeks ago is pregnenolone (precursor to all the steroidal hormones in our body). It has fairly dramatically increased my resilience and endurance (50% longer walks). It currently feels like this could be another game changer for me.


P.S. Regarding dosing, when applying my DMSO / Mag. Oil combination, I use one dropperful of DMSO, mixed with about 10 sprays of Mag. Oil. I rub it together in my hands (has a warming sensation), and then apply it to my lower back and neck and head area. I do this 3x / application; and do this twice a day.

Sue, good luck to you (and anybody else) trying this. To me, DMSO is almost miraculous in how many things it can do, and how extremely safe it is for most people. And remarkably inexpensive to boot.

P.P.S. Here's a short blurb on prenenolone from this LINK (different than my earlier link) .

Pregnenolone has been found to be 100 times more effective for memory enhancement than other steroids or steroid-precursors in laboratory mice. Pregnenolone appears to be the most potent memory enhancer yet reported in animals.

Pregnenolone has been reported to not only make people smarter but happier and enhance one's ability to perform on the job while heightening feelings of well-being. Pregnenolone has also been reported to reduce high stress induced fatigue.
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Thanks so much for this comprehensive update, @Wayne and really pleased to read that it's still benefitting you. Pregnenolone is something I've been wishing to try for some time. Shall add it to the list.
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Bummer it didn't do much for you, @madie.

Sometimes I think of all the supps and drugs we all have lying around, all over the world, and wonder how many stadiums they would fill, haha.

Update: I got my DMSO today and put one drop in a glass of water and I can feel it already making me feel slighty woozy. Goodness me.

And wow, it smells really weird, like fish mixed with something industrial.

And great, now I'm going to smell even worse than I already do, which is really bad, seeing I have a bucket of pus oozing from my gums from an abscess.

Pus is so gross.

I feel so sexy right now. Not.
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Good for you Wayne. This is an older thread but I'd like to add on about the Sulfur and Magnesium aspects.

I've seen a lot of folks on here who know a great deal about drugs but scant little about natural remedies. Magnesium and sulfur are in the top 5 nutrients required by the body and most westerners are deficient in 2 if not 3 of them. Magnesium is crucial to so many processes in the body. As a heads up to everyone, Mg needs to be in balance with several other vit/min: calcium (obviously, but GO EASY because you're probably already getting WAY MORE than enough) B6, zinc and potassium.

Last year I tried adding magnesium via fizzy drink and got wicked diarrhea. In desperation I even tried enemas but the more Mg I poured in, the more came out. Finally I discovered a chelated TIME RELEASE version. It initially gave me the runs but MCT and bromelain helped a lot with that.

Google health benefits of magnesium. Then look up some of your symptoms with mg- ex "fatigue and magnesium" or "dermatitis and magnesium". There isn't space enough to list them here because Mg is involved in HUNDREDS of critical interactions in the body. And yet because our soil is utterly depleted 80% of Americans are deficient.

DMSO contains sulfur and is metabolized in part to Methyl Sulfonyl Methane or MSM for short. It's a white crystalline power with almost no taste or odor. You can take it orally, although it gave me awful nausea in my case. I advise starting low, with food. Then gradually work your way up, then take on an empty stomach in the morning.

MSM has a similar repertoire in that it helps so many things. I'm not even going to list them save for one, in vitro it kills cancer cells.

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