'Should We All Be Drinking Hydrogen-Rich Water?'


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Have you tried this @Hip?

Yes, I have been using this DIY method for quite a few months. Hydrogen rich water boosts my mood I find, but unfortunately I am not finding the ME/CFS benefits that you get (you say you get more energy, and less of the general feeling of malaise and chronic inflammation).

I have not tried the tablets though.


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I'm going to stick with the tablets. I can only handle one every four days, so they aren't that expensive.

The interesting thing about hydrogen rich water is that low doses have the same beneficial effect as high doses. from the perspective of ghrelin release.

It has been shown that many of the benefits of hydrogen rich water come not from the H2 hydrogen molecule itself, but from the ghrelin hormone that H2 releases. Ghrelin is a mood boosting, antidepressant and neuroprotective hormone. And studies have shown that the same amount of ghrelin released whether you use high concentration hydrogen rich water, or low concentration hydrogen rich water. See this post for more info.

So in the case of tablets, it may well be that a quarter or an eighth of a tablet will provide the same beneficial effects as a full tablet, because it is possible that an eighth of a tablet will induce the same amount of ghrelin release in the stomach as a full tablet.

The H2 hydrogen molecule itself may have benefits over and above the ghrelin release it triggers though, such as antioxidant effects. So for these antioxidant effects, perhaps the benefits will be proportional to the dose used. But from the perspective of ghrelin release, the dose does not seem to matter very much.


but from the ghrelin hormone that H2 releases
Doesn't ghrelin make you want to eat the house down too? I never think of ghrelin as something I'd want to increase but I also didn't realize it had effects on mood.

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