How to Be Broke & Medicated

Free or Discounted Meds, Supplements & Assistance (in the US)

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    By Lily Silver

    Medications, supplements & lab tests. If you can’t afford the treatment you need, don’t give up hope just yet. Try these things first:

    Local Programs
    • Try contacting free healthcare programs in your area and inquire about prescription assistance.
    • You can also try asking your doctor if they can prescribe a cheaper medication, or one that is covered by your health insurance.
    State Programs
    National Programs
    • NeedyMeds – Check here first
    • RxAssist – database of patient assistance programs
    • Rx Outreach – over 400 free or discounted medications
    • RX Access provides savings to low income people
    • RxHope your doctor, nurse or caseworker will fill out a form
    • Patientservices – Good program for certain expensive medications.
    Buying Drugs from other Countries
    Medicaid – Try again!
    Lab Tests
    • Direct-Access Testing – Save money if paying out-of-pocket.
    • Some laboratories have financial aid programs that will allow you to get bloodwork and other tests for free! Here’s an example of one from Quest Labs.
    Doctors Visits
    Co-Payments & Premiums
    Lyme Disease
    Help Navigating All of This
    Be Less Broke
    Tips from the Pros:

    “You do not have to be really poor to qualify for some of these programs. Some programs consider you low income if you make less than $75,000 per year”

    “I know several people who depend on Free Prescription Discount Cards for their medications. The amount of discounts vary greatly depending on the type of card, the pharmacy you use and the medication. Look for Free Prescription Discount Cards. This is different than paid prescription card memberships.”

    “Do not pay anyone for info on free or low cost meds or medical care. There are some sites that charge for this info. You do not have to have someone else find this info. The same info is available to you that is available to the people that charge for this info.”

    “When you apply for a program, it can take a few weeks for everything to get started so you shouldn’t wait until you’re almost out of your current prescription.”

    “Some pharmacies have home delivery services. If you are too sick to pick-up your medications, your local taxi company will often pick-up and deliver your medication for a fixed cost.”

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