Kelvin Lord

A longtime person with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), Kelvin Lord was on his last legs when he entered Dr. Charles Lapp’s office in Charlotte, North Carolina in January, 2010 to begin infusions of the experimental drug Ampligen. Over the next year Kelvin would contribute over 30 often hilarious and also poignant blogs of life with ME/CFS and the ups and downs of being on Ampligen in  The Ampligen Diaries.  In January, 2011 Kelvin stopped treatment and in January, 2013 he began blogging about what had happened to him in the interim.

From Kelvin’s blog

Kelvin_LordI am a foreigner with a different homeland, currently relocated to the USA in order to try to restore my life and health medically – by allowing Doctors to run an experimental drug through my veins twice a week. With their permission, and God willing, I am posting the good, the bad, and the ugly about this journey, here on this blog. Like a Sergio Leone movie, I promise to be completely honest – so if you don’t like blood, sweat, and tears, I invite you to not read this. For those that want a true first hand experience as told by a semi-debilitated journalist who has lived in 30 countries and knows how to cut the wheat from the chaff, please read, and comment with gusto.

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