Dr. David Kaufman


I began my practice during the very earliest days of the HIV epidemic so I became deeply involved in the care of these patients, the politics of HIV medicine, hospital policy (and politics!!), and research. I  believe that my long experience with HIV and related viral diseases as well as general internal medicine gives me a valuable perspective on the approach to and management of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dr. David Kaufman is the Medical Director of the Open Medicine Clinic and a Principal Investigator at OMI.

A published researcher as well as physician, Dr. David Kaufman spent many years immersed in HIV/AIDS research and treatment. Included among his many positions are Chief HIV Specialist and Medical Consultant, Clinical Care and Program Development for HIV and HCV Disease, Daytop Village from 1995-2009; Medical Director, FamilyHealthCenter, St. Vincent’s Midtown Hospital, 2002-2007;  Associate Director, HIVCenter, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Manhattan, Aug 13, 2007-April 30, 2010;  Chair, AIDS Research Group St Vincent, 2007-2011.

From 1988 to 2005 he was the prinicipal investigator in 15 HIV/AIDS trials.  His most recent publication on Vit D levels in HIV/AIDS patients should be published soon.

Dr. Kaufman is also a member of Health Rising’s Once a Month Ask an ME/CFS Physician panel.


He has over 35 years of experience in healthcare administration, management, and research. His clinical experience spans Internal Medicine, HIV, Lyme Disease, and chronic illness.

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