Cholestyramine (Questran) for ME/CFS and Mold Illness


Cholestyramine is..


Dr. Shoemaker uses cholestyramine to bind biotoxins in the bile

Cholestyramine is a prescription drug that binds the bile in the gastrointestinal tract to prevent its reabsorption into the body. It’s primarily used to reduce very high cholesterol levels, to prevent diarrhea and to absorb toxins from Clostridium infections.  Some mold physicians use cholestyramine to bind biotoxins (mold and other toxins) in the bile as well.

Cholestyramine May Be Helpful in ME/CFS Because

It may be able to bind toxins and eliminate them from the body. Dr. Shoemaker believes inadequate detoxification processes play a significant role in ME/CFS.  He reports some patients will achieve dramatic results from this product in as little as two weeks.

Shoemaker’s Protocol (Taken from here).

  1. On an empty stomach, take one scoop of CSM (9 grams), mix with water, or juice, 4-6 oz.
  2. Stir well and swallow. Add more liquid, repeat 1 above until done.
  3. Drink an extra 4-6 oz of liquid.
  4. After 30 minutes, you may eat or take meds (wait at least 2 hours before taking thyroxine, digitalis, theophylline, Coumadin and others; ask your doctor for information).
  5. Take CSM 4 times a day!
  6. If you eat first, wait at least 60 minutes before taking your next CSM.
  7. Reflux, constipation, bloating and bowel distress are not unusual.
  8. Use acid-blocking medications as needed.
  9. Use Miralax to relieve constipation

Side Effects

Dr. Shoemaker reports that constipation and heartburn are the two main side effects his patients experience. He recommends psyllium and/or Miralax for constipation and dissolving the drug in cranberry or apple juice to reduce heartburn.

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