How many times do you feel like you just need to tell ‘someone’ how you are *really* feeling, but you don’t want to sound like you are always complaining? The Google Android FibroMapp app for tablets and smartphones provides an option that will always ‘listen’ and always remember and will never complain.

It’s called the Journal.


The Journal feature from FibroMapp provides an easy way to track your day

Writing in the Journal provides you an opportunity to express what is really going on at the time  and how you are feeling – both physically as well as mentally – just between you and the Journal.

Writing down everything  that happens in your day can also help you to figure out what’s causing your flare-ups. Flare-ups can happen anywhere from 24-72 hours AFTER the fact… Can you remember what you were doing three days ago?  Heck,  half the time, I can’t remember what I was doing three hours ago!.

Now imagine being able to track your pain, sleep, and medications and correlating them with your journal to see the patterns that emerge.  Believe me, there ARE patterns! For example, I learned that a day or two after I go for a car ride without my neck brace on I’m in agony.

The Journal function of FibroMapp also helps to uncover how stress is affecting your pain levels, brain-fog, sleep.  Feeling crappy?  Write it in  your journal!  Feeling good?  Get it down in the journal then track back to see if anything you did in the last days or days can help explain it.

FibroMapp - A google/android app for managing your health

FibroMapp – A google/android app for managing your health

FibroMapp is helping people gain a better understanding of their illness – ultimately giving them more control over their bodies.  It also provides the reports (that you can download and print/email) to your doctor, so that they are able to get the full picture of what is going on for you.

We’ll be covering other features of the FibroMapp App in future blogs.

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