+100%- In connecting with thousands of people over the past 7 years (since I was diagnosed with FM/CFS), there are a few (similar) complaints that continue to be a huge issue for so many of us:

Doctors that aren't listening are no help

Doctors that aren’t listening are no help

  1. ‘My doctor doesn’t listen to me’
  2. ‘My doctor doesn’t believe in FM/CFS/ME’
  3. ‘My doctor won’t prescribe medications that I think might help me’
  4. ‘My doctor just writes everything off as Fibro/CFS/ME now that I am diagnosed…and I am concerned some of the issues I am experiencing aren’t related’

There are several things that you can do about all of the above.

1. Give Your Doctor  Reports He/She Will Trust – Firstly, I highly recommend that you download the Health Rising FibroMapp app. Why? Because not only does it track your pain, sleep, other symptoms, flare ups, meds, activities and has a journal. But equally important – it has a REPORTS SECTION. This means that all the information you put into the app is collated into easy to read charts and graphs. Not only does this help you to understand your condition better – and the patterns and triggers; but it also shows the doctor EXACTLY what you are experiencing on a daily basis.

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2. Book a Double Appointment with your doctor. Let’s face it, they are stressed, busy, dealing with a huge load of work and ultimately only have 5-10 minutes max to deal with you. As we all know, there are so many aspects to our conditions that this simply is not enough time to go through all the things you need to discuss. It will not only help you, but also help your doctor, and you won’t feel like you are being pushed out the door!

doctor report

A nicely organized and formatted Doctor Report could help

3. Send Your Reports In Ahead of Time – Download and print off or email the Health Rising FibroMapp reports and your journal to your doctor at least a week before your appointment. Put a note/letter with it stating that you would appreciate it if they could please take a few minutes to read through your report so that they have a better understanding of what you are going through – BEFORE you arrive for your appointment on x date.

4. Lay  Out Your Appointment Priorities – Also state in the above letter/email that you would like to discuss the following things, ie. Medications, treatments, tests for xyz issues. This way you are preparing your doctor for what you would like to discuss – and it gives them an opportunity to potentially look further into your requests and be ready to discuss it with you at the time of your appointment. (This also potentially means that you will avoid having to go back to discuss these things another time after your doctor discusses things with you that is new to them at the time of your appointment).

5. Stress Quality of Life Issues – At your appointment STRESS how the issues/symptoms you are experiencing are affecting your quality of life. Using these key words is generally a trigger for many doctors to take on board that you are really struggling – and need help!

6. Consider Writing a Letter – If you are not happy with how things have gone in the past in regards to your doctor taking you seriously, then write a letter expressing your upset and concern to your doctor! Provide print outs about your illness – or what you think you have – and show them that these conditions DO EXIST and they are REAL and accepted by not only the medical community, but the government as a disability as well (at least in the UK it is!).

You;re fired!

If nothing else works – Fire your doctor!

8. Put Your Request in Writing – Request/nicely demand for proper tests to be carried out in order to rule out other issues such as arthritis, MS, Lupus, Thyroid as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So many doctors pawn off a variety of symptoms as being fibro,

CFS/ME – meanwhile there could be conditions that might be lurking.
And last, but not least….

9. If Necessary Find Another Doctor – If you are still getting nowhere with the above advice and actions… FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR! Sometimes it takes trying a few different doctors until you find one that is not only a believer in your condition, but is helpful, compassionate, willing to try a variety of different medications and wants you to have the proper tests to rule out any other underlying issues.

I hope that this helps you! Using the FibroMapp app made the biggest difference for me in regards to the way my GP deals with me. In providing her with my reports and doing the above, she now takes my pain, sleep issues and other symptoms very seriously. In fact, now instead of me going in to the health center


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, we either do appointments over the phone…or better yet…she comes to my home and visits me in bed!

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