Whether you have FM or CFS/ME you will most likely identify with sleep issues – whether you are sleeping 20 hours a day and are still exhausted –or you can’t remember the last time you had an unbroken and refreshing sleep.

insomniaBut do you know what your sleep patterns are?  How many times you wake up/get up during the night?  Or how long you’re sleeping through the day and night?

Or how your quality of sleep relates to things like pain, fatigue, concentration and memory issues?  Do you know if  your pain increases as your sleep decreases?

Being able to achieve a good (and dare I say, ‘normal’) sleep at least most of the time can have a dramatic effect on reducing your pain, increasing your cognitive skills and can reduce depression as well.

Therefore, it is imperative to get a better understanding of our sleep so that we have a fighting chance of improving other aspects of our lives!

Validation at the Doctor’s Office

Validate your sleep and other issues with the Fibromapp app

Validate your sleep and other issues with the Fibromapp app

For me, using my Google Android FibroMapp app to provide sleep report to my GP was the start of a whole new relationship with my doctor.  When she saw that on average I was up 14’xs a night (and that my pain levels were at at least 8, not to mention my major brain fog, perception issues and more) she started to take my experiences very seriously.

The first thing was to try medications to help me sleep.   I can, hand on heart, say that I pretty much tried everything – OTC, Rx and herbal/supplements.  By using my Health Rising FibroMapp to track my sleep experiences I could tell exactly what was – and wasn’t helping.  (In fact NONE of the above helped!).

Flare Alert!

The app also enabled me to see my sleep cycle over the course of a month.  I found that during flares each month I was either up almost all night (and day) for five days.  I knew flares weren’t helping my sleep but I didn’t realize they were having  such a dramatic effect. (Maybe I was too groggy!)  Obviously avoiding the activities that trigger my  flares is important to both my sleep and pain.

Finally, after all this time I have found a combination of melatonin and LDN (low dose naltrexone) to be my ‘miracle meds’.   It wouldn’t have happened without finally having my physician on my side – and that took documenting my sleep issues  for her.

Find out how Health Rising’s FibroMapp app can help you gain more control and understanding of your condition by going here.

A Multidimensional App

Use the reports the app provides to inform your medical care professionals and to assist with disability and insurance claims to provide a detailed ‘snapshot’ of your daily experiences with your illness.

On top of this, track your medications (with alarms), flare ups, other symptoms, pain, the type of aids used daily, a journal, pain and much more!  The FibroMapp is really 8-in-1 apps!  All of which you can personalise, too.

Get  the Fibromap app for your Google Android tablet or smartphone here for only $2.99

(IPhone and IPad users – the Fibromapp App for the IPhone and IPad is almost ready!)

Health Rising  receives a portion of the sales of the Fibromapp app bought through this site


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