Simmaron is probing into neuroimmune factors underlying chronic fatigue syndrome, which afflicts from 1-4 million people in the U.S.


Created in 2011, the Simmaron Research Foundation brings special assets to the search for the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. Dr. Dan Peterson’s decades of experience, his thousands of patient samples and his history of collaboration with leading researchers gives Simmaron a unique place in the ME/CFS research foundation community.

A primary researcher for the Chronic Fatigue Initiative (CFI), Dr. Peterson recently collaborated on the Lipkin XMRV study and the Lipkin/Hornig Pathogen study and with Dr. Jay Levy on a study indicating XMRV was not present in ME/CFS.  His work with the PHANU research team paved for the way for PHANU’s large Mason Foundation grant reward to study immune factors in spinal fluid.

Simmaron focuses its attention on four fields; immunology, virology, exercise Physiology and genetics and is currently raising funds to complete its spinal fluid studies.

Strategic Approach

Simmaron funds pilot studies to gather the data for large-scale grants.

Our Sponsor

Health Rising is proud to have Simmaron Research be the first organization to sponsor our work.

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