A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patient Visits Dr. Peterson: the Corinne Chronicles


A former athletic trainer, Corinne Blandino, came down with a severe case of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) in 1993. Over the past two years Corinne has been detailing her experiences with Dr. Dan Peterson. one of the top ME/CFS physicians/researchers in the world.  In her blogs Corinne relates her progress and plies the doctor for information on wide variety of topics. Get inside a major physicians office with the Corinne Chronicles.

Visit #1

Visit #2 – The Meltdown

Visit #3 –  The Followup Visit 

Visit #4 – ‘Driving Miss Daisy”

Visit #5 –  “Tardiness, Flexibility and Attitude”

Visit #6 – Corinne At Dr. Peterson #6 Including ‘Picking Dr. Peterson’s Brain’

Visit #8 – In Search of Plan B: Corinne’s Return to Dr. Peterson (Visit #8 August 2012)

Visit #9 – It’s Official! My ME/CFS is a Pain in the Neck: Corinne’s Visit (#9) to Dr. Peterson (Feb, 2013)

Visit #11Third Times the Charm? Corinne at Dr. Peterson #11 (Lumbar Puncture #3)

A Trip To Mayo – Coming Full Circle: Corinne at the Mayo Clinic – Twenty-Three Years Later

Visit #12Hard Choices: the Neurologist, the ME/CFS Expert and the Spinal Lesion

Visit #13/14The Vistide Challenge!

For more on Dr. Peterson including interviews click here

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