Goodbye-to-Phoenix-Rising-CortGood-bye To Phoenix Rising

Eight years after creating Phoenix Rising and two and a half years after turning it into a non-profit I am leaving Phoenix Rising and creating a new website. I don’t think either the Board of Phoenix Rising nor I want to get into the nitty-gritty of what happened.

The most important factor for me was the Board’s desire to have complete control over the organizations decisions. I was offered the opportunity to be a paid blogger but that was not enough for me. Other issues also played a role. I,of course, need to take responsibility for my part in creating a situation in which something like this could occur.

The Board and I are aligned on our basic goals for Phoenix Rising and I support the work they’re engaged in. Despite its large presence on the web Phoenix Rising has always been a very small organization. Each board member (all of whom have ME/CFS)  has contributed a great deal of time and effort to PR and I honor their commitment and I wish them and Phoenix Rising well in their future endeavors…

Hello To….err…???

Past-FutureThe Name Problem – Oddly enough choosing a new name for the website was maybe the most difficult and perplexing part of this whole endeavor. After a great deal of head-scratching I punted….The new website is at an easy to remember temporary URL – cortjohnson.org. The name on the site now is Health Rising and I’d love to have more suggestions…Everything on this site except for the blogs may be temporary; the location, the name, the look and feel…it may all very well change…drastically.

Support – The site is not a non-profit but I could use your support in several ways. Donations, of course, are very helpful.  Testimonials will be very helpful to build up the site and you can find a testimonial page here..Anybody skilled in WordPress, PHP or CSS will be greeted with open arms.:). We have Amazon.com stores on the site if you’d like to support the site that way. Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks – Thanks to everyone who supported me over the last couple of months and a special thanks to Simmaron Foundation, the website’s first sponsor, which provided critical help as events unfolded.

The Blogs!  – My production slowed down as the Board and I struggled over the next steps to take but will speed up quickly in the new site. I encourage you to sign up for the blog and the  monthly newsletter. (Be aware that the program does not let you know that you signed up…It will send you a email validation)

The present site is small. Besides the blogs it will focus on providing information more efficiently to the ME/CFS/FM communities. More on that later…



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