Bob Miller can’t dance…he can’t run…he can’t even play baseball for ME/CFS – he’s not strong enough for that but he can fall, and May 12th, ME/CFS International Day, he’s going to fall a long way, very quickly, to raise money for ME/CFS research.


Thumbs up indeed…..Bob Miller will be skydiving to support ME/CFS Research on May 12th

It’s been a busy couple of months for Bob.  He  presented at the FDA Stakeholder’s meeting (4 days recovery), went on a 2-week fast for Ampligen (several weeks recovery) and now he’s going to fall about $13,000 feet – no muscle exertion required, just sheer guts  – to draw attention to and raise money for chronic fatigue syndrome research.  Is he the Evel Knievel of ME/CFS advocacy or what?

A No ‘Crash’ Day

Bob’s going to bail out of an airplane (with a parachute) at about 13,000 feet from the Parachute Center in Lodi, Ca. So far as we know they haven’t lost anyone yet (although..hmmm… they don’t explicitly say so….)

People with ME/CFS will be doing alot of things come May 12th  (I may catch a movie :))  but only one, I venture to say, will be skydiving for ME/CFS.


Who with ME/CFS skydives? Well, one person does – if the cause is right.

Why is Bob doing this? Because he knows that cutting-edge research is the answer to this disorder and somehow, at  least in my mind cutting-edge research and extreme sports are natural partners; both are seeking out new frontiers and this is Bob’s first jump ever. I wish Bob a thrilling ride and a soft landing and Simmaron continued success in their breakthrough research.

All proceeds will go to Simmaron Research Foundation – just a long stones throw from the jump area.  With Bob’s neuro-immune issues and their neuro-immune research focus, supporting  Simmaron is a natural for Bob.

About 10:30 PST, 12:30 CST, 1:30 EST  Bob will be stepping up to the door, looking out and then – whoosh out he will go – falling 13,000 feet for ME/CFS….Its a ‘no-crash’ day.

 The Jump-N-4ME Event

” Jump -N- “4” M.E.
Location Parachute Center
23597 N Highway 99 Acampo, CA 95220
(209) 369-1128
Presenter Robert Miller, Jumper
Age Range All Ages
Ticket Phone (209) 369-1128
Contact Robert Miller
Web link https://www.facebook.com/events/450715818354748/?
Notes 21st ~ “May 12th International
ME/cfs Awareness Day” EventCome Support ME/cfs Research and Watch Robert do a
Parachute “JUMP 4 ME.” @ 10am.Support Robert’s Jump: Those donating $25 or more will receive…
When Sunday, May 12, 2013, 10am – 12pm PDT

Donate to Simmaron Here

Anyone donating $25 or more will get a JUMP-N-4ME  T-Shirt….

A Note from Bob.

To All,


Donate $25 and get a T-shirt to commemorate the first skydive for ME/CFS!

May 12th, 2013 is “International ME/CFS Awareness Day”. A day for patients to show Unity. To Raise Awareness for ME/CFS. I will be ” Jump -N- “4” M.E. in Lodi, CA. Which is 2 hours from Reno to Jump from an airplane (with a Parachute) to Raise Awareness for ME/CFS. I would ask patients, loved ones and friends who are able to, to Donate to Simmaron Research in support of this Jump, any amount is supportive. For those Donating $25.00 or more, you will receive one of the JUMP-N-“4” M.E. T-Shirts.

I invite all to come and watch, patients from the Reno Tahoe area as well as those in the Lodi area. The Jump will take place this Sunday, May 12th, at about 10:00 am. Bring family and friends to kick off this Mothers Day. We will have other healthy individuals there to spread the word to about ME/CFS.

Parachute Center
23597 N Highway 99 Acampo, CA 95220
(209) 369-1128


Donate to Simmaron Here


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