Amazon-iconThe seventh busiest website on the internet, is truly Amazonian in its reach. You can buy almost anything on, and do so knowing that regularly sits atop the ratings for excellent customer service. It’s a great place to shop, or  if you’re an prime subscriber, to watch online movies and TV shows. is a huge  marketing ecosystem….

Because provides Health Rising  4-8% of the price of every product purchased through its Health Rising stores, the possibilities it presents  for a small website like Health Rising are huge.

Right now we get about $15 a month from  If a small percentage of the 20,000 or so monthly  Health Rising visitors used our stores we could up that to $100 or $200 or more a month. That would be a big win for us but we could do even better.  Businesses buying on could lift that to $1,000 or more a month. I’ve seen it happen.

So when you shop on we request that you do it through Health Rising’s stores. To easily do that simply bookmark the store you want to do your shopping in (see below) and click.  Contact me here if you have questions or ideas.

Regular Shoppers and Businesses – We Want You!

Your Own Store

If you shop regularly on we’ll create a store specifically for you.  Simply go to that link, click on the products you want and you’re done. When you want to change products just let us know and we’ll change them for you.

Please contact us here if you’d like to try out your own personal  and private store on Health Rising.

Health Rising’s Stores

Thanks for your time and your support.



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