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Aviva ME/CFS!

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Help Canada create a successful nationwide ME/CFS awareness event that other countries can emulate

The National ME/FM Action Network’s May 12th Awareness Day for ME/FM submission in the Aviva contest is on the edge of winning $10,000 with the possibility of winning as much as $100,000 more. All they need is for us to keeping voting through Oct 14th.

Their project is to blast Canada on International Awareness day with a campaign to open the countries eyes to the true cost of ME/CFS. It will also lay the foundation for a powerful network to advocate for research and change in the future.  It’s a coordinated effort to educate an entire country. We’ve never seen anything like this.

“We will use the funds to hold events in as many communities across Canada as possible ….We’ll connect with every MP and provincial/territorial representative… and have May 12th proclaimed in cities nationwide. We’ll sport t-shirts, carry signs and have engaging speakers…..we’ll advertise in national and local papers, and, if funding permits, on TV and radio….we’ll target physicians, medical students and other health professionals with our letters and/or advertising. “

Who knows what seeds this effort could plant.  Let’s help Canada create the template for a successful public awareness campaign on a country-wide scale.

Everybody – Canadians, Yanks, Brits, Germans,  Japanese – everyone can vote….Simply click on this link, register and vote once a day for an ME/CFS enlightened Canada.

brain-scansYour Brain for Science. An ME/CFS Research Project Wants You!

The University of Wisconsin’s study to uncover the roots of post-exertional malaise in chronic fatigue syndrome is going to see what happens to your brain after you exercise. Given my cognitive declines my guess this scan is going to show something significant.

If you’re female and want to help determine why exercise can be so, so damaging in ME/CFS, this study is recruiting now. The study takes place over 3 days. Participants will receive $225. (Meals and lodging are not included.)

Call this number (608) 262-2457 for more information.

Draw Your Pain – Caricature Contest

Celeste Self CaricatureMake the invisible – visible. Many people with ME/CFS/FM look just fine on the outside but the inside is a different story.  Celeste Cooper’s Caricature Contest is giving you a chance to make your pain visible in a black and white drawing contest. The winning drawing will be published in Celeste’s book. Find out more here. 

Petition to Support ME/CFS Experts

ME/CFS experts came together to attempt to block the DHHS’s efforts to have an outside organization create a clinical case definition for chronic fatigue syndrome. Shortly after that the DHHS published the outlines of a contract which had been amended to account for some concerns. The CFIDS Association of America and Dr. Bateman endorsed the effort and others are still opposed.

This petition thanks 35 ME/CFS experts for getting together to support the Canadian Consensus Criteria and block the IOM contract. It will be sent to Secretary Sibelius.

Your Amazon.com Shopping for Made Easier

chronic-fatigue-syndrome-fuWe definitely blew it with our tricky and user-unfriendly Amazon.com stores. We’ve learned, though; if you shop on Amazon.com please check out out our new search widgets that let you quickly search the entire Amazon.com catalog for the products you want. They’re efficient and easy to use.

U.S., Canadian and U.K. shoppers can find search boxes for their countries on the right sidebar on every page on the website.

Health Rising gets 4-10% of every purchase you make while using our them.

Simply search and then shop….:)


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