There are videos and there are VIDEOS. This is a VIDEO.… It’s a video that seeks to (and should be) a film to be more accurate. All it needs is a little help


The Kickstarter Campaign to Create the Canary in the Coal Mine Film has begun.

The 10 minute preview video is  sharp, smart and creative, and it moves really well. Almost all the video’s on ME/CFS work for me – they tug at my heartstrings; but this is something else entirely. This video works on multiple levels; intellectually emotionally, and cinematically.

Films can get an enormous amount of attention. I have no doubt this one would go viral; it’s that good.

Created by a Harvard Ph.D student, Jennifer Brea, in collaboration with independent film maker, Kiran Chitanvis, this film will use the stories of six ME/CFS patients, and numerous ME/CFS experts to help document the vicissitudes ME/CFS patients face, and the horribly flawed approach to this disease the medical community has taken.

Life Interrupted

jennifer brea

Harvard Ph.D. student Jennifer Brea’s life got turned upside by ME/CFS; now she’s telling the world about it.

Jennifer Brea is one of the six.  A Ph.D student at Harvard, engaged to be married,  with a bright future ahead, Jennifer found, one day, that she couldn’t write her name in her checkbook.  Eventually she had trouble sitting upright in a wheelchair.  Despite her past accomplishments (Princeton grad, TED Fellow, print journalist in Bejing and Africa)  her doctors were sure her illness was psychosomatic.

Those doctors had to reject everything about what they knew of Jennifer’s past life in order to conclude that, out of the blue, she’s had some sort of mental breakdown. I know of a former president of a major corporation – a woman-  who faced the same problem…

Mary Schweitzer, a Ph.D herself, encountered the same thing, stating in the video

“Except for doctors nobody doubted I was really sick” Mary Schweitzer

Leaving Dr. Klimas to get to the guts of the matter…

“We just don’t have doctors going to guys saying if you’d change the color of your hair you’d feel better…”Dr. Nancy Klimas


“The NIH spends $16 million dollars on male pattern baldness and $3 million dollars on chronic fatigue syndrome” Dr. Nancy Klimas

These are the kind of hard-hitting and memorable quotes that decorate this video preview.

Watch the Canary in a Coal Mine Video

It’s already more powerful of a statement about ME/CFS than I’ve seen before.

Which brings up the question – What might a film be like? I’d love to find out.

I’m so behind this film it’s ridiculous…

Kickstarter Campaign – The Kickstarter Campaign lasts one month; if they raise the $50,000 they get to make the film; if they don’t raise it all the money gets returned – that’s the way Kickstarter works. Buyer beware, though….If you watch it you will contribute. I did.

Let’s make this film a reality..


Donate to the Film Here. 



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