Finding a good practitioner is hard – and so is avoiding a bad one. We’re mostly running blind as we go from one practitioner to the other, hoping that one of them is going to know something about chronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia.

Please help us create a ME/CFS/FM practitioner review program...

Please help us create a ME/CFS/FM practitioner review program…

We want to cut out the guesswork, save you precious time and money and give you the best chance to improve your health.

Beta Testing

be·ta test

  1. test by customers: a test of a product, especially computer software, by giving it to customers to try out, before the final version is ready

A  beta version of a chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia practitioner review program produced by Health Rising is ready for early testing.

We’re looking for people to review and comment on the project to help us produce the best program possible. No experience is required (and brain-fogged patients are particularly welcome :)).

We would like reviewers to enter doctors, review them, post the review, check to see if the review worked, etc.

If you’re interested in helping us work the chinks out, and create the best possible ME/CFS/FM practitioner review program possible you can find the program here.

  • One note – we’re planning to use Dr. Bell’s Disability Scale instead of the functional assessment currently incorporated into the program. If you’re having trouble with the scale in the program now please just rate yourself in functionality from 1-10….
  • Another – we’ve discovered that only the US section is working right now….

Please leave your comments in the blog.

Thanks for your help.


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