Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME are complicated illnesses.  There are many things that you can do, with the right tool, though,  to understand what is helping/hindering your pain, sleep, other symptoms and more. Showing doctors how your treatments are working and how your symptoms are fluctuating  often results in them taking you  seriously, perhaps for the first time.

FibroMapp was developed by and for people with FM and ME/CFS

That’s why Health Rising believes FibroMapp is an excellent tool to help you and your doctors get a better understanding of your day to day issues (and triumphs!).  Therefore, Friday, is FibroMapp Friday!

The FibroMapp app has been designed and tested specifically for people with Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME and is helping many people gain more control.  In fact, it is not just one app…but  8 apps-in-1!

Health Rising is pleased to introduce you to a tool that will not only help you, but your doctors as well.

FibroMapp.  Giving you control.  Helping you cope.

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About FibroMapp:

FibroMapp is a top-selling pain management app designed specifically for Fibromyalgia and CFS / ME.

FibroMapp is an 8 in 1 app that allows you to print out reports as well.

FibroMapp has been designed by people with Fibromyalgia and CFS for people with Fibromyalgia or CFS.

FibroMapp can help you to understand your symptoms and triggers and, crucially, provide evidence to your GP of what you have been going through.

Fibromyalgia and CFS is unique to each sufferer, and so is FibroMapp! FibroMapp comes pre-loaded with common Pain Locations and Medications to get you up and running fast; but every area can be customized to suit your circumstances.

Fibromapp is a Google Android App that works on Smartphones and tablets.

With FibroMapp, You Can:

  • Track your mood, energy & pain levels throughout your body
  • Track how effective your medications or aids were to ease your pain
  • Track your sleep patterns
  • Track your medications and set reminder alarms
  • Keep a Journal of how you’re feeling

FibroMapp has been designed for ease of use; you can use as much or as little of it as you need to help you gain more control and understanding of your condition and what helps you manage your pain.

What people are saying about FibroMapp:

Susan Waliczek *****

Just what I was looking for! What a great app! Now I can keep track of everything in one place instead of 3 different apps! Thank you for creating this app!

XMRVBuzzJo Moore *****

It’s a brilliant app. This app is a god send, it a brilliant app and I would recommend it . It has reminders for tablets and a journal for your pains.

Monique Brittingham-Fleming *****

Must have! Thank you for this app. It is nicely detailed so that nothing is missed. My Rheumatologist is going to love the reports from this app…

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