Dr. Chia is nothing if not impressive at conferences. The facts and ideas spill out like they were shot from a funnel and his studies have gotten top drawer, yet all the interest has lead to nothing; no one – not one lab, not one researcher has attempted to validate his results in the seven years since his study came out suggesting enteroviral infection is rife in ME/CFS.

Stakeholder's call for investigation into Dr. Chia's enterovirus theory.

Stakeholder’s call for investigation into Dr. Chia’s enterovirus theory.

But Chris Cairns, sculptor turned Patient Advocate (for his daughter), sees hope and he sees it in two summaries of Dr. Chia’s presentation at the IACFS/ME conference from two fairly conservative figures; Dr. Komaroff and Dr. Lapp.

In his summary Dr. Komaroff reported

To me, these results are very impressive, but it’s also depressing to see that, to my knowledge, no academic enterovirologists have sought to try to reproduce this, not even in bulk, to take the samples that already have been collected at enormous effort by Dr. Chia and test them themselves to see if they get the same results that Dr. Chia does. It’s a great shame and I hope it changes.”

Dr. Lapp stated

“Sadly, no one else has taken on the task of confirming Dr. Chia’s studies…Hopefully someone with Chia’s expertise will investigate this further and confirm these important findings!)”
Dr. Chia is no shrinking violet. At the conference he reportedly said.
“Enteroviruses need to be accepted as one of the causes of this illness this year, or else we will wait another ten or more years before a drug will be available for this disease. You need to ask the researchers at Stanford and at the meeting why they are not working on enteroviruses.”

The Patient Advocate has a lot more to say on Dr. Chia latest presentation –check it out here.

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