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Catch up on what’s happening in the ME/CFS and FM communities with the ME/CFS and FM Buzz

From new research to treatment options to advocacy to events, there’s a lot going on in the ME/CFS and FM Communities – more than can be explored on the main blog page on Health Rising.

The ME/CFS and FM Buzz blog will help rectify that by providing short takes on items of interest in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia that would otherwise get missed.

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The Buzz Page – You can find all the ME/CFS and FM Buzz blogs on this page. The latest one was on Dr. Pridgen’s TV spot; past ones have included The CFS Advocates take on Dr. Chia, a short take on a sympathetic nervous system study and a progress report on the Blue Ribbon film.

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I look forward to seeing you on the ME/CFS and FM Buzz page.

Peter did a great job on the ME/CFS and FM Buzz page

Thanks to Peter Kahuria  of Front2Back Studio’s and the team at Codeable for fulfilling my specifications and getting the Buzz page done on budget and on time. 

The Fibro Summit - Natural Ways to Get Better Sleep, Heal the Gut, Reduce Pain

The Fibro SummitThe online Fibro Summit offers natural ways to get better sleep, heal the gut, reduce pain, etc. Register to watch the talks on the day they’re presented or buy the package and download them and watch them at your leisure.

Find out more about the Summit here or register here.

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