I’m definitely a Johannes Starke fan. His approach – using simple mind/body techniques that can help reduce stress and hopefully put people in a ‘healing state’ is not for everybody – but I find them helpful.

ExerciseTiredIn this blog, brave soul that he is, he takes on the ‘Big E” – how to exercise (you really have to redefine that word for ME/CFS/FM) and benefit from it. He describes why he was so frigging afraid to do it himself, how a very gentle program got him beyond that, and he uses video’s from Dr. Klimas Clinic to explain  how to do a heart-rate based exercise program’.

He also suggests tools you can use to prevent you from over-exerting yourself, etc. A  good exercise program includes not exercising as well, and that facet may be the most important part of the program for many people who are overdoing.

This approach really does help some people. We did a blog earlier on a woman who  after following Staci Stevens heart rate based program still couldn’t ‘exercise’ – her aerobic energy production system was still broken –  but who was much, much healthier after a year on it.

I  was just talking to Dan Moricoli from CFS Knowledge Center who’s ME/CFS left him practically comatose who would NEVER, EVER’ exercise ‘yet who  has had a remarkable response to Dr. Klimas’ ‘exercise’ program. He’s not running marathons, he’s not thumping the weights at the gym – he can’t engage in much aerobic exercise either,  but he’s remarkably healthier.   We’ll be featuring Dan and his yoga program in an upcoming blog.

Maybe  sometime I’ll even try it :).


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