A budding Olympic skier moves to Salt Lake City, Utah  and collapses with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That’s really rough for an Olympic hopeful –  but at least he falls apart where both Dr. Bateman and the Lights  –   two researchers who may be getting  at the causes of fatigue and post-exertional malaise in ME/CFS  – reside.   In this Deseret News article featuring the Lights, Dr. Bateman, this young man and another women with ME/CFS, Dr. Light puts fatigue in a revealing context when he states that the fatigue in ME/CFS (and elsewhere) is  ‘protective’;  that it’s there keep us from burning up our energy resources.

“Fatigue is one of the most important homeostatic mechanisms in the body. Fatigue is there to prevent you from using up your energy source” and ultimately preserve muscles, which help to control the body’s functions.”

Dr. Bateman, who is about to begin raising $1,000,000 to build a ‘dedicated clinic’ for people with ME/CFS and FM said the Light’s work demolishes

“The notion that this is, in any way, a lack of motivation or people not being very resilient or things like that, those are all out the window”.

There’s plenty more in this excellent little article from Deseret  News that protrays ME/CFS as it  is. Check  it out here,  post a comment on it and pass it on.

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