IIME-Conference2014Invest in ME’s annual conference always has  interesting speakers and Dr. Rosamund Vallings was there, as always to write up an overview.

Check out Dr. Julia Newton on how autonomic nervous system problems may be the source of fatigue in many disorders, Dr. James Baraniuk on what happens to the brain during exercise (the second exercise test ‘takes everything down’), Dr. Maureen Hanson on cytokine and metabolic abnormalities (low acetylcarnitine) during exercise, Carmen Scheibenbogen on the new EBV abnormalities she’s  found,  Dr. Jonas Blomberg on the almost 1,000 antigens he’s looked at in ME/CFS, Dr. Mady Hornig on changing their approach to viruses (looking in PBMC’s now), and more.

Read Rosamund Vallings overview here. 

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