Are your immune genes getting you down? Simmaron would like to know

Are your immune genes getting you down? Simmaron would like to know

So many different pathogens can trigger ME/CFS that immune system problems (not the bugs themselves) are probably the key factor in this disorder.

That fact and increasing evidence of high rates of heritability convinced the Simmaron Research Foundation to launch an effort to get at the underpinnings of the immune system breakdown in ME/CFS.

It probably takes three things to get ME/CFS: a genetic weakness plus a environmental insult (such as an infection) coming  at just the right time to cause your system to fold.  If this study can identify those genetic weaknesses then drugs, some of which may already be in development, could target them – giving your immune system a huge boost.

First, though, Simmaron has to find those genetic weaknesses. Check out a new immune study that could reveal how it all started to go wrong in


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