The renowned Stanford geneticist, Ron Davis Phd, who’s son Whitney has a very serious case of ME/CFS has opened a research foundation at Stanford to find answers to ME/CFS.  He’s als0, on the foundations Facebook page, supplying answers to one question a week  from the ME/CFS community.


Davis suggests an unusual strain of EBV could be present in ME/CFS

He’s done two questions thus far.  In the first question we learned Davis  suspects that  the HLA genes that govern the immune response could be implicated in ME/CFS and he’s doing  research to check that out. (These genes are super hard to measure; Davis is one of the few trying to do that.)

In the second  question Dr. Davis suggested  that an unusual variant of the Epstein-Barr virus could be responsible  for the high prevalence of mononucleosis triggered ME/CFS patients. He also suggested that pathogens not  normally  associated with mono could be implicated as well and proposed how we could study that.

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