Several ME/CFS and/or FM experts have said that you can’t fix fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome without fixing sleep. Dr. Bateman, whose SolveME/CFS presentation on sleep we’re going to cover soon, said she’s tried literally everything she can think of  to help with sleep in FM and ME/CFS.

Given the negative effects poor sleep has on our immune, neuroendocrine, and central nervous systems it’s not surprising it can be so debilitating. Perhaps the most haunting sleep study was one Andrew Gross referred to which found that just a couple nights of interrupted sleep – the kind many people with ME/CFS and FM regularly experience – was enough to make healthy people  look like they had fibromyalgia.


There’s nothing like bad sleep..

Increased heart rates, reduced heart rate variability, fragmented sleep and lack of deep sleep have all been found in ME/CFS and FM sleep studies, and the best is probably yet to come when the Zinn sleep studies from Stanford get published.

It’s not that ME/CFS and FM are sleep disorders per se, and that fixing the sleep problems found will cure either, but of all the “loads” that contribute to the distress in these disorders – poor sleep, when its present – may be the heaviest.

In this first Health Rising Community Report on sleep, we ask what’s going with YOUR sleep and what has helped and what has hurt.

Please take the survey below.

Please note – there are questions in the form of polls (diagnosis, sleep quality, etc.) and surveys (treatment effectiveness questions  mostly). The results of  the poll questions are available immediately; the results of the survey questions will be provided in a couple of days.

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