The National ME/FM Action Network –  that’s Action Network – is on the cusp of winning  $5,000 (and getting a chance to win $100,000)  in the Aviva Community Fund  Contest – or going home (sigh).

Why should you  support the National ME/FM Action Network?  Because they act – and they act effectively.


An opportunity to step up for an organization that’s been stepping up for us.

Without the National ME/FM Action Network there’s probably no Canadian Consensus or International Consensus Definitions. That’s right – they spearheaded the movement to create these ground-breaking efforts to present the real face of ME/CFS.

They also hosted the Ottawa IACFS/ME conference, and have produced numerous resource guides including the Canada Pension Plan Disability Guide, TEACH-ME Sourcebook for Teachers and Parents, and the Legal Disability Manual.

Check out the latest news on their website  and you’ll see they’re regularly pushing government agencies for better support. They’ve even gone  to court  for people with ME/CFS.

I like this group. They’re not just lobbing hand grenades; they’re doing the difficult work to produce change.

Now  they’re teetering on the cusp  of making the finals and bringing  in some money  – or going  home. This contest is open for just  four more days. All it  requires is a quick registration and a click, and anyone anywhere can vote.

Then spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

I can do that for five days 🙂 and I think you can too!

Getting the ME/FM Action Network to the Finals

Go here to register using your email address or Facebook account. Then go here – https://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf19712 –  to cast your vote  for the National ME/FM Action Network.

Get a daily reminder  by sending your email address to office@mefmaction.com or you can receive a Facebook notification by joining our event at https://www.facebook.com/events/436713819800556/.

Help out further  by telling the judges how important research is to us by adding a comment to the contest entry. Just scroll down the entry to below the Broker information to the comments section. You can also help by sharing the contest details with your friends and family and ask them to vote too. If you know any groups, please ask them to rally their members to vote too.


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