Traffic has been good!

2014 was a very good year for Health Rising.  We put out well over two hundred blogs.  Web traffic went up about 70% and we’re averaging over 4,000 page views a day. Over 5,000 people now subscribe to the blog.

Without people reading and participating on the blogs this website wouldn’t exist and I couldn’t engage in this work. So thanks to everyone who through their participation and comments has supported Health Rising.


Almost all of Health Rising’s income come from donors and corporate sponsors.  Financially, 2014 was very gratifying as our income rose substantially.

Thanks goes first to my father and Simmaron Research Foundation. The Simmaron Research Foundation was  there for us when Health Rising was created in difficult circumstances in late December of 2012 and they’ve been there for us ever since. I can’t thank them enough.


Thanks for your financial support!

ProHealth has very helpful  throughout as well, and they continued their strong support. We also welcomed our third and fourth corporate donors, the Fibromyalgia Treatment Group and Hemispherx Biopharma (for a project we’ll unveil in the first third of this year.) Several other large private donors stepped forward as did many other one-time donors.

The many, many people providing from small to large recurring donations provide very important financial support for Health Rising.  The saw “if everyone would just contribute or participate  we could  change the world” has been around for ages, but I can tell you that when the crowd comes  – crowdfunding works; the many people who have stepped forward to regularly contribute small and larger amounts to Health Rising have made a major difference in the health and growth of this site.

Our Amazon.com sales increased about  50% as well.

Thank you all very much.

The  Health Rising Team

Our small Health Rising team consists of myself and three other people, and our unpaid bloggers.

Thanks to the Health Rising  team

Thanks to the Health Rising team

I can’t thank Jim Wright enough for his impeccable editing — and his continuing efforts to teach me the basics of  grammar and  punctuation :).  Jim’s willingness to tolerate my itchy trigger finger for publication, and again and again quickly jump on and put his final touches on the blogs has been very gratifying.

Tech support is vital for any website and Stavya Grover’s help from India, as he manages his own up and down case of ME/CFS, has been key for Health Rising. Just how key you will see in the next year as Health Rising undergoes some fundamental  changes.

Dennis’s long term support in providing research  papers has, of course, absolutely critical.  Thank you, Dennis!

The Next Year

At the beginning of last year I promised Health Rising was going to unveil several new programs. I was a year off.  We did start off an ME/CFS physicians panel section which sputtered (but is coming back) and our ME/CFS/FM short reports section, but our major goals (forums, reviews, a different take on ME/CFS experts and an advocacy project) were not met.

This was largely because of a series of unforseen financial setbacks (dental work, car accident, dog injury, theft)  that ate up a significant portion of the increased financial support HR received. That monetary backlog has been mostly cleared, though, and in the first couple of months of this year Health Rising will have a new website and unveil several new programs that will enhance our ability to communicate, get access to  good  knowledge, and get across the personal costs of disorders like ME/CFS and FM.


2015 will see a substantial expansion of Health Rising

With the P2P and IOM reports coming out and some major studies underway, I suspect 2015 will end up being a very important year for ME/CFS as well– perhaps even a year in which we’ll see a sea change in how  it is perceived and funded. I suspect significant progress will be made in understanding what’s going on in fibromyalgia as well. That will be covered in a Looking Ahead blog coming up shortly.

For myself, I’ve spent much of the last year trekking between coffee shops and  libraries and campsites on an extended camping trip across the western United States. Immersing myself in the clean air and beauty of nature, doing stress reduction exercises and continuing to improve my diet has produced dividends. While my ability to exercise is still nothing to write home about, it and my health has improved.  I look forward to future improvements.

New Address  –  Health Rising also has a new address: Cort Johnson, 2555 Hampton Road – Unit 6308, Henderson, NV 89052


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