Niki Gratrix – a nutritionist who has blogged on gluten issues on Health Rising- has put together an almost week-long online “Abundant Energy Summit” focused on alternative approaches to chronic fatigue.  The summit reflects Niki’s eclectic approach to ME/CFS and similar disorders which is focused on functional medicine and nutrition with a special emphasis on the gut and mind/body and energy enhancing techniques.

abundant energy summit

The Abundant Energy Summit contains diverse approaches used by alternative health practitioners to combat fatigue.

The online summit, which runs from Aug 24 to the 30th, is free of charge.

The Summit is not for everybody. If you’re not into alternative medicine don’t even think about it. If you’re interested in exploring how the very diverse community of alternative medicine practitioners deal with chronic fatigue, however, it might be for you.

The talks run the gamut from Dr. Jason’s talk on “Understanding and Differentiating Pathological and Non-Pathological “Fatigue”’  to Lynne McTaggert’s “Physics Behind Consciousness and the Power of Intention for Optimum Energy”.

Dr. Jeffrey Bland will talk on “Moving from Conventional to Functional Thinking to Build Great Health and Energy!” while Dr. Myhill talks on “Rebooting Mitochondrial Function and Nutrient Status for Optimum Energy!”

The thirty talks include ones on  zapping emotional energy vampires, diet, detoxification, integral psychology for optimum health, thyroid dysfunction, energy medicine, balancing neurotransmitters, limbic system remodeling, psychoneuroimmunology and even earthing.

ME/CFS experts such as Dr. Leonard Jason PhD, Dr. Sarah Myhill, Patricia Fennel will speak. Other familiar names to people with ME/CFS and/or FM might include Ashok Gupta, functional medicine guru Dr. Jeffrey Bland, mind/body practitioner Annie Hopper, Dr. Vodjani, Dr. Klinghardt and gluten expert  Dr. Tom O’Bryan.

Freedom from Fibro Summit Encore Weekend – Watch Any Presentation

Watch any of the 40-plus presentations from Dr. Murphree’s Freedom from Fibro Summit for free this encore weekend. If exploring alternative health options is something for you – or if you just want to explore what’s out there – Dr. Murphree’s Summits provide a great overview of the possibilities this large field of medicine presents.

The Summit provides simple techniques to reduce pain and anxiety, provides updates on the latest research, diet options (one of which has helped me greatly), ways to boost energy, the latest on fibromyalgia research (my presentation), etc.

Click here to check out the encore weekend and here to see a prior blog on it. 


You can register for the free online summit using this link. 

Health Rising is an affiliate of the summit  – which means we can benefit from it, although I’m not exactly sure how. 🙂

It’s going to be an interesting ride.



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