The Abundant Energy Summit – Day Three

A viewer of Days One and Two of this week long event exploring alternative approaches to ME/CFS had this to say about them:

“The Ken Wilber material on the Energy Summit was stellar and perfectly complemented by the equal genius of Klinghardt and the biosystems Gaia supporter finishing the second day. They know the true foundations of healing and suffered a lot in their hard-won wisdom.”

In Day Three, the Abundant Energy Summit explores how the alternative health field explains the treats physical mechanisms believed involved in the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome; i.e. the mitochondria, gut issues, microbial infections and how to test for imbalances in these areas.’

Upon hearing Dr. Myhill talk one person said

Just heard Dr. Myhills voice for the first time! She sounds just like I imagined her: reassuring, super energetic, matter-of-fact, sparkling intellect… Wow she is like an avalanche! I wish this would go on Youtube at some point, that could potentially save so many who have not heard of her!




If you’re not already registered, click here to register and watch the presentations . They are available to you until 10 am tomorrow.

Learn more about the event here

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