Thanksgiving is over (hope you had a good one) and that means that Black Friday – the biggest shopping day of the year – is upon us. For many people that means Amazon.com.

There’s no easier or cheaper way to shop. But there’s another bonus. If you shop through Health Rising’s Amazon.com store Amazon gives $5-8% of the items purchase price – at no cost to you – to Health Rising.


It’s a great way to raise money for Health Rising. Over the past year almost $1,000 has been raised through Amazon.com for HR.

Shop in the U.S. either by going to this page or  simply look to your right (if you have a laptop or desktop) on the front page (or scroll down if you have a tablet or smartphone) and search for the item using the Amazon.com search box.   (Put your item in the search box and then click on View All Results).

Shop in other countries by going to this page.

Warning! – Items that are already in your cart will not apply. Please remove them and then find them again using our search box and put them in your cart again. So long as you maintain one search session everything in it is applied to Health Rising.

Some Holiday Shopping Idea

Every year I like to get things going by saying what I’m looking at this year.  This year the theme is camping. Me and the dogs have been doing a lot of camping and we feel it’s time for some upgrades.

A Leica - on sale!

A Leica – on sale!

We’ve been in lot of stunning landscapes lately and to tell you the truth the old Nikon is not cutting it. (I don’t know why I ever though it would). I’m not a snob – I don’t need a $30,000 Hasselbad – but I do like a nice camera.

Take this Leica.  Marked down from 22K it’s a deal at $13,995 (about $600 for Health Rising). Yes, that’s just for the body, and no it doesn’t do video (this, my friends, is a real camera.)

Luckily you can get a nice 50 mm. lens for just over 10K. That’s a fine camera for less than $24K  (can anyone argue with that?)  – and about a $1,000 coming back to Health Rising.

tentIt’s definitely time for a new tent – and not just any tent. I’m 6’6″ and  I’m tired of these itty-bitty little tents.  I don’t think a little comfort is too much to ask for. Me and the dogs – we need room. This Mountain Hardware 10-person tent would do just fine for us.

Not only is it a four-season tent but with it’s cool half-shell look it is styling – and I like to look good out there in the great outdoors. At $3,500 a pop ($200 coming back to HR) this is a worthy investment.

When you’re roughing it like we are you really appreciate good food and that means a good cooler.

It's more than a cooler - it's an investment@

It’s more than a cooler – it’s an investment@

OK, at  just under $2K ($100 to Health Rising!) it might seem a little extravagant but note that this is a 250 quart cooler. It’ll keep the dogs elk meat (their favorite) frozen for weeks. (Plus by some chance an elk drops dead in front of me – into cooler it goes.) Plus, no going back to town every couple of days for ice…Think how much I’ll save on gas….

Just a camera, a tent and cooler – and that’s almost $2K coming back to Health Rising.  It’s sooo simple 🙂

Enjoy your shopping!


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