We just had the Heal Your Gut Summit in January ago and now there’s the Microbiome Summit from Feb 29th to March 7th. This is like gut summit mania! The gut may be very important, though, and while there are overlaps between the two summits (Donna Gates, Dr. David Perlmutter, Tom  O’Bryan (he’s everywhere!), Ann Louise Gittelman, Summer Bock) the Microbiome Summit is a bit more microbiome / gut flora oriented.

If you’re interested in the gut or missed the Healing Your Gut Summit you might want to check this one out.  These free online summits generally feature alternative (non-traditional) approaches to improving ones health.

Microbiome Summit banner
James Maskell, MD will lead the summit off with a talk on how the gut microbiome is changing our approach to health.  Ji Sayer will go further when he proposes that the microbiome will transform how we treat disease.  The renowned functional medicine specialist, Mark Hyman MD will talk on a distressing subject – antibiotics and food.

Other talks in this eight-day summit focus on the gut /hormone connection, recommended diets/probiotics for children and pregnant women, microbiome imbalances and how to fix them, what kind of microbiome tests to get, how to re-establish the gut lining, the GAPS diet, autoimmune diseases and the gut, parasite testing, the effects of the stress on the gut.

Once your register the presentations are free – if you watch them the day they are given.

Register for the Microbiome Summit here

You can also get online access to the entire summit or have it downloaded to your computer (at the end of the Summit) by pre-ordering them or ordering them later. The prices are below.  Use this link to pre-order the Summit.

 Health Rising and the Online Health Summits

Health Rising is affiliated with the Microbiome Summit and was affiliated with Nikki Gratix’s Energy Summit last year and the Healing Your Gut Summit in January. Why is it doing this?   I would never suggest that these summits are the end all and be all on the subjects they’re presented on but they’re easy to access – a big deal – and they provide information on alternative ways to approach some important topics. They also provide another way for Health Rising to support itself.

There seems to be a Summit happening somewhere all the time, but Health Rising is not going to go summit crazy.  We will probably be an affiliate on a Fibromyalgia Summit and one or two others during the rest of the year.

  • Tomorrow – a blog on a microbiome ME/CFS study


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