The Fibromyalgia Summit is not one of those week-long, drag it out, a couple of speakers a day online summits. This is a summit on speed: 31 presentations over three days in May (May 12th-May 14th). Blink and it’ll pass you by. That would be shame, though, because Ruschelle Khanna has put together an eclectic mix of speakers.


The rules of the online summit game are that, once registered, you can watch the presentations for free on the day they are presented. If you want to get complete access to them and the materials associated with them you have buy the package, though :(.

The good news is that the package, particularly right now, is a good price – $69 (instead of $97). Get that and you can download all the presentations and the materials associated with them.

Check out some of the thirty plus presenters. I’ll be covering them day by day as the Summit proceeds

  • Michael Finkelstein M.D. – the author of “Slow Medicine“, a methodical, step-by-step process of asking questions that turns into action which result in better health. I’m not aware of Dr. Finkelstein’s work but a methodical, step by step approach sounds like a good recipe for complex diseases like FM and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • rawlsroundBill Rawls M.D. – A board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, Bill Rawls, turned to alternative during his battle with FM, and developed an herbal and natural medicine based approach called “The Vital Plan”. He’ll be speaking on rebalancing the microbiome and and immune system.
  • Anita Teresa Boeninger – The founder of the Sex & Medicine Summit, a matchmaker and yoga expert, Anita Boeninger will be talking on the medicinal aspects of sex (especially for fibromyalgia patients) and sex and autoimmune disorders.
  • Dr. Sarah Ballentyne Ph.D – Known as “The Paleo Mom”, Dr. Sarah  Ballentyne has written several book the Paleo diet and Paleo. She’ll be talking about how the Paleo Diet can improve the quality of life of people with fibromyalgia.
  • Dr. Ginerva Liptan M.D. – is a fibromyalgia doctor (and patient) and the author of two books on FM. She’ll be covering an important and controversial topic in FM – thyroid testing and how the test results should be interpreted in the context of fibromyalgia.
  • amyzellmer-copyAmy Zellmer – slipped on a patch of ice, hit her head and ended up with a devastating case of traumatic brain injury. The author of “Getting Back to Normal: Life with a Traumatic Brain Injury“, Amy knows what its like to have your health taken away. She’ll be talking about how to care  and be an advocate for yourself and how to support a loved one with a chronic illness.
  • Dr. Doni Wilson – is a naturopathic doctor who will talk on an integrated / functional medicine approach to fibromyalgia
  • Glen Depke ND – is another person who learned about alternative health the hard way. Tortured by grand mal  seizures for a decade, Depke reported that he “changed my poor lifestyle habits, removed toxins that are known neurotoxins, shifted my thought patterns and got off the prescription drugs.” and hasn’t had one for twenty years. Depke will speak on inflammation, pain, weight gain and fatigue.
  • Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum – the author of the encyclopedic approach to FM and ME/CFS “From Fatigued to Fantastic”, Dr. Teitelbaum promises that “virtually everyone can get pain relief”. He will talk on the body-wide energy crisis that FM is and how his SHINE protocol can help to address that.
  • tonibernhardToni Bernhard – Buddhist practitioner, author and person with ME/CFS, Toni Bernhard, through her books and blogs, has helped many with chronic illnesses find a pathway to a better, more fulfilling life.
  • Cort Johnson – yes, horror  of all horrors, I will present as well. I had to dredge up some big time courage to participate but I did. My presentations will be on new and emerging treatments for fibromyalgia and chronic pain and what’s wanted and needed in FM.

If you haven’t registered for the Fibromyalgia Summit and wish to watch it for free or to purchase the summit you can do so here.


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