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affiliatebanner1The Fibromyalgia Summit has begun! It is going to go fast. On the busy first day of the Summit, learn how:

  • Dr. Finkelstein attacks complex diseases
  • why Max thinks low carb diets are good for your brain
  • how a former obstetrician an rebalances the gut microbiome
  • why Anita thinks having more sex will help your FM’
  • a Buddhist with severe spinal issues has managed to have a high-quality life
  • to detoxify safely
  • to restore lifestyle balance
  • Staci Berman’s “system” helps you take care of emotional blockages and lose weight at the same time
  • grassroots efforts to increase FM awareness and support
  • to get disability

Once you register you can view each days presentations for free. To download all the presentations and the materials linked with them buy the entire Summit for $69.

Michael Finkelstein M.D. –  is the author of “Slow Medicine“, a methodical, step-by-step process of asking questions that turns into action which result in better health. I’m not aware of Dr. Finkelstein’s work, but a methodical, step by step approach sounds like a good recipe for complex diseases like FM and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Max-Lugavere-photoMax Lugavere is a filmmaker, blogger and media figure who, as he puts it on his Facebook site “talks about nutrition, the brain, and health tech. A lot”. He’ll be covering low carb diets and why they’re good for the brain.

Bill Rawls M.D. – A board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, Bill Rawls, turned to alternative during his battle with FM, and developed an herbal and natural medicine based approach called “The Vital Plan”. He’ll be speaking on rebalancing the microbiome and and immune system.

Sue Ingebretson – Health coach, author and popular blogger, Sue Ingebretson helps “health challenged women on how to restore lifestyle balance”. Sue talks on how to build a good health care team.

Anita Teresa Boeninger – The founder of the Sex & Medicine Summit, and a matchmaker and yoga expert, Anita Boeninger will be talking on the medicinal aspects of sex (especially for fibromyalgia patients) and sex and autoimmune disorders.

Becky-Mauldin-N.D.Becky Maudlin, a naturopath, will speak on why people with FM should detoxify and how to detoxify safely.  

Vidyamala BurchVidyamala Burch knows of what she speaks when she speaks of pain. The recipient of a painful spine injury at the age of 17, this author and Buddhist teacher will speak on how to be in pain without suffering and how to use your mind and your breath to “manage your illness with grace, dignity and ease”.

Tai Venuti – is a former journalist and public relations officer who is committed to assisting people with disabilities. She’ll be talking about the best ways to get disability.

staci bermanStacy Berman – developed “The System by Stacy a three part weight loss program that guides you to shed ALL your layers; body, mind and spirit”. She will talk on what happens when emotions get stuck, and how relieving them can improve one’s health and help one lose weight.

Yvonne Kenny – will talk on how to increase awareness of one of the poorest funded diseases in the NIH.


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