Wyller - EBV - chronic fatigue syndrome

Wyller will examine B-cell responses to Epstein-Barr virus in ME/CFS

Bruun Wyller’s belief that maladaptive behaviors help to perpetuate ME/CFS has raised a lot of hackles over the years. He’s been singing a different tune lately, however.

Wyller recently proposed that herpesviruses contribute to ME/CFS and plans to examine B-cells – the same cells that Rituximab is whacking in ME/CFS patients. Find out what’s happened to change this CBT proponent’s mind about ME/CFS in a Simmaron Research Foundation sponsored blog


Last Chance to Participate in the High Dose Thiamine Survey!

increased energy

The high-dose (200/mg or more of oral thiamine daily) survey is closing soon – and will be open until Friday, May 7. If you are currently taking high-dose thiamine or have done so in the past, and feel comfortable sharing your experience, please complete the survey here.  (Please do not start high-dose thiamine just to participate in the survey.) Find out more about high-dose thiamine in ME/CFS/FM here.


Coronavirus vaccines

Tell us how your coronavirus vaccination went and find out how other people with ME/CFS and/or FM fared with their coronavirus vaccination in Health Rising’s Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects Poll.

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