Erica Verillo’s AMMES Crowdrise project fills such a vital need that one wonders why it hasn’t been done before.

After forming a new organization (AMMES) and website, Erica’s first action was to produce a fundraiser to support the most vulnerable among us – the severely ill – in their day to day lives.

Fully one quarter of ME/CFS patients are believed to fit this category. Many are in difficult financial straits which prevent them from obtaining basic necessities. Erica’s Crowdrise project aims to bring some relief to them.

“In order to assist patients in need, AMMES is setting up a crisis fund to provide one-time grants to patients for specific needs. The funds can be used to purchase a wheelchair, pay a medical bill, hire home care, secure adequate housing, and other basic needs. All applicants will be required to provide written medical confirmation of their diagnosis, proof of financial need, and document the specific purpose of the grant.”

This worthy project is in trouble. With the campaign coming to an end soon, it’s $500 short of meeting the $3,000 target which could qualify it for $25,000 in extra funds. Let’s get this project over the hump and help those in our community who are in the most need. I just gave. Will you?

Learn more about the fundraiser here.

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