pathogens me/cfsGiven the ubiquity of herpesviruses, the common infectious trigger in ME/CFS and the fact that once you’re infected with them – you’re infected for life – it’s no surprise that researchers have been interested in herpesviruses and ME/CFS for decades.

An NIH-funded Ohio State University team, though, believes most herpesvirus research is barking up the wrong tree. If they’re right – and the evidence suggests they may be – you can throw out all the viral load studies.

Ironically, they believe that it’s when herpesviruses fail to reactivate properly that they may be causing problems in ME/CFS. Find out more in this Simmaron Research Foundation sponsored post

Could Crippled Herpesviruses Be Contributing to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Other Diseases?

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