It’s a toxic, moldy, summit – not a toxic, moldy mountain (yeeccch!); instead it’s the first online summit on mold (that I know of). If this is indeed the first online Toxic Mold Summit, it’s about time. Toxic mold is an issue that’s been terribly ignored by the medical profession, but the stories of people sickened by exposures to mold in their houses are rife.

The leader of the summit well knows the problems that mold can cause. Dr. Margaret Christiansen was an Ob-Gyn (obstetrics and gynecology) who began suffering from debilitating fatigue, cognitive problems, pain, insomnia, mood swings, tremors, sinusitis, etc. and had to close her practice.

As she made her way from doctor to doctor, she was apparently diagnosed with everything from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) to fibromyalga (FM) to mood disorders to autoimmune issues.

Eight years later, she realized her water-damaged home was the source of her (and her family’s) health problems. She actually had a “biotoxin illness”.

Lissa’s Story

Lissa’s story, published on Health Rising a year and a half ago, presents another cautionary mold tale. First, she and her husband found a little bit of mold in their beautiful house, then a bit more, then more, and eventually so much mold as to render their house uninhabitable. When last heard from, they were searching for an attorney to get them some redress for unknowingly purchasing a home destined to make them sick. (Lissa’s mold story is ongoing – and she is working on an update to it.)

M.E., My Mold, & I… A Story of ME/CFS & Toxic Mold

The fact that the largest investment you’ll ever make – your house – may be making you sick makes mold issues doubly problematic. Mold remediation can be very expensive and is not always effective. Plus, many doctors know nothing of mold and its effects. That leaves many people with possible mold issues out on their own – wondering how to tell if they do indeed have mold, what to do about it if they do, whom to trust, etc.

The Toxic Mold Summit

So here comes some advice in the form of the online Toxic Mold Summit beginning on Jan 28th and lasting for seven days. The talks are all free (if you watch them the day they’re given) and you can buy a package which allows you to download them and watch them anytime.

The talks are not all on mold. Irrespective of what the Summit is on (:)) some of the presenters (e.g. Tom O’Bryan) seem to show up frequently.  With others are presenting on things like heavy metals, chemical sensitivities, parasites and Lyme disease, and subjects peripheral to mold, the mold field clearly has room to grow.  Day five, though, begins with presentations on remediation and testing. Presentations on treating mold hypersensitivity or illness are found throughout.

If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty of mold health issues – lab tests, treatment programs, assessing mold levels, remediation, how to build a mold-resistant house – talks will be given on all these topics.

Some of the presentations include:

  • Mark Hyman – Advanced Therapies for Mold Recovery
  • Christine Schaffner – Biological Medicine and Detoxification
  • Ann Shippy – Testing your home for mold
  • Gail Clayton – Mold and Histamine
  • Scott Richmond – When to Remediate: A Personal Journey
  • Stephanie McCarter – MCS/EMFs and the Highly Sensitive Patient.

If you’re interested in exploring the alternative health approach to hypersensitivity issues and chronic illnesses, as well as mold, there’s quite a bit here.

You can find out more about and register for the free Summit here. (Besides giving you the ability to watch the talks, registering will also get you the “Got Mold, Now What?” Ebook by Dr. Christianson and permanent access to a few of the talks.)

(Health Rising is an affiliate of the Toxic Mold Summit and will receive a portion of sales from those buying the Toxic Mold Summit package.)









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