Dr. Peterson and the Simmaron Foundation are taking advantage of a one-time halt of the drug to determine how it works.

Dr. Peterson’s been using Ampligen in ME/CFS for 27 years. It seems like the drug has been sitting in limbo regarding ME/CFS forever – yet Ampligen is just one phase 3 trial away from becoming the first FDA-approved drug for ME/CFS – and no other drug is close.

Cidofovir, saline and amino acid infusions are other treatments Dr. Peterson has found effective in his practice but for which little or no data exists on their effectiveness in ME/CFS.

Dr. Peterson and the Simmaron Research Foundation have two projects underway to demonstrate that these treatments work in ME/CFS – and ultimately help to expand their availability for people with ME/CFS.

One involves prospective analyses done in collaboration with the CDC and Maureen Hanson to demonstrate Cidofovir and other treatments can be effective. The other is a unique Ampligen study that takes advantage of a time when the drug was not available to show how it’s positively impacting ME/CFS patients’ immune systems and functioning.

Check out these unique efforts to expand the treatment options for ME/CFS in Simmaron’s drive to in

Amplifying Therapies 4 ME


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