EBV budding out of B-cell

B-cell with EBV budding out of it

If there was ever a “prodigal virus” in ME/CFS, it would be the Epstein-barr virus (EBV). Since the first EBV ME/CFS study in 1984, dozens of studies have examined the role the virus may play in this diseases, and tens of thousands have studied its possible effects in others. This virus is too complex, too fascinating, and simply too problematic for it not to continue to be studied.

Neither of the blogs in this two-blog series suggest EBV reactivation is the problem in ME/CFS. Instead both feature other ways this unique virus could be causing harm

The first blog in the EBV series focuses on research suggesting EBV may be activating an unusually pathogenic gene in a set of severely ill patients. Find out more in this Simmaron Research Foundation sponsored blog:

Epstein-Barr Virus May Be Turning On Pathogenic Genes in ME/CFS

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