A recent Klimas/Broderick study had a lot of interesting things in it: the gender divide, and the illumination of possibly key immune and metabolic factors, but the most intriguing thing about the study was its potential precision.

The study possibly identified specific pathways associated with a powerful cytokine that could be tweaked with drugs to help people with ME/CFS. While much more study is needed, no one has developed this precise of an approach to treatment before. One hopes this is the future for ME/CFS.

Find out more in this Simmaron Research Foundation sponsored blog:

New Pathways: A Step Towards Fine-Tuning Treatments for ME/CFS?


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HISTORIC Action to Double NIH Funding For ME/CFS Under Way


After years of work it’s time to attempt what we’ve never been able to do before – get Congress to force the NIH to double its funding for ME/CFS. Support the historic bill to increase research funding, add new ME/CFS research centers, require the development of a strategic plan, etc.. It will take less than 5 minutes.

Be a part of making history. Find out more about the effort here and join it here. 

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