As Dr. Peterson watched the coronavirus bear down on his community it was like deja vu. Thirty-six years ago Peterson was at the heart of one of the most infamous ME/CFS outbreaks in history – the 1984 Incline Village outbreak.

It was like deja vu for Dr. Peterson but this time it was different

Poor testing then had contributed to the psychosomatic interpretation of that post-viral illness Now, with few test kits available poor testing was prevailing again. Peterson and his team, vowed, though, that this time it was going to be different.

This time sick patients were going to know what they had. This time if they had trouble recovering they weren’t going to be denied. This time post-infectious illness was finally going to get its shot.
Dr. Peterson and Gunnar Gottschalk, the Simmaron Foundation’s Clinical Research Director, teamed up with Coppe Labs, and got to work. Find out what happened in:

From the Tahoe Outbreak to COVID-19 Dr. Peterson and Simmaron Take on the Coronavirus – and ME/CFS


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