Almost all of us carry the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) Some of us were introduced to it (and ME/CFS) during adolescence or later when we came down with infectious mononucleosis. Others have carried it in our bodies since childhood.

EBV is one of the few viruses our bodies just can’t get rid of. When it hangs around in its latent, unreactivated state it’s probably pretty harmless, but if it finds a way to evade the immune system and reactivate then watch out – active EBV infections been associated with many cancers as well as autoimmune diseases.

This European study brought something new to the long EBV saga in ME/CFS: it looked for both antibodies to EBV and direct evidence of the virus – and found both. Check out what the study found in this Simmaron Research Foundation sponsored blog.

Active Epstein-Barr Infections Found in Large ME/CFS Study

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