No one suspected a 50 year old kidney drug called spironolactone might hold the key to a new generation of herpesvirus drugs.

University of Utah researchers hoped their new assay might uncover a new way to treat EBV infections – but they were shocked at what it turned up. How could a 50 year old kidney drug called Spironolactone have anything to do with EBV?

Four years later they knew how – and the possibility for a more effective drug to treat herpesvirus infections was borne.
The moral to this story – you never know where an answer may come from. It could even be sitting on an aisle in your pharmacy.
Find out more in a Simmaron Research Foundation sponsored blog:
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HISTORIC Action to Double NIH Funding For ME/CFS Under Way


After years of work it’s time to attempt what we’ve never been able to do before – get Congress to force the NIH to double its funding for ME/CFS. Support the historic bill to increase research funding, add new ME/CFS research centers, require the development of a strategic plan, etc.. It will take less than 5 minutes.

Be a part of making history. Find out more about the effort here and join it here. 

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