I think of the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI) – now in its second year – not just as an organization but as a movement – a movement dedicated to bringing mold, pathogenic and chemically induced illnesses out of the shadows and into the light.

If chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM) have been neglected by the medical profession, mold and chemically induced diseases have been even more so. Even though they figure in a subset of ME/CFS/FM patients, some ME/CFS/FM practitioners are flummoxed by how to assess them and treat them. Yet the mold and environmental illness field is bringing forth new testing procedures and therapies that might be able to benefit many.

Registration Opportunity for Patients

The ISEAI conference in the past has been presented for professionals in the field, but the four-day ISEAI conference (including the pre-conference day) this year comes with a bonus – the opportunity to join the ISEAI for just $99 a year as a Non-Professional Supporting Member.  You’ll then be able to view the pre-conference talks and select talks from the conference on the organization’s private Facebook site.

By becoming an Non-Professional Supporting Member, you get to support a vital new organization, and get access to the latest insights from environmental illness practitioners. You’ll also have access to news, information and discussions from the organization for the next year.

The fact that the conference starts tomorrow doesn’t really matter for our purposes as ISEAI will be downloading select talks from the conference to its members-only Facebook site over the next couple of weeks. It has already downloaded talks from the pre-conference on Sept. 26th there.

The 2020 ISEAI Virtual Conference One People, One Planet, One Health” (Oct 2-4)

Friday, Oct 2nd

  • Jill Carnahan, MD – Mold, mycotoxins and management: Tips and tricks for handling complex cases
  • Larry Schwartz, BSME – Creating a sanctuary in the existing home
  • Lynn Patrick, ND – Environmental exposures and immune toxicity
  • Joesph Pizzorno, ND – Environmental exposures and immune toxicity – metals and meta-metals
  • Ashok Gupta, MA – A neuroplasticity ‘brain retraining” approach to treating “Neuro-Immune Conditioned Syndromes”
  • Stephanie Seneff, Phd – Glyphosphate, biofuels and COVID-19
  • Georgina Hale, MD – Mold infection and colonization in mycotoxin illness
  • Lauren Tessier, ND – thoughtful use of anti-fungals: a naturopathic approach
  • Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND – Next steps in the treatment of SIBO and IMO

Saturday, Oct 3rd

  • Dietrich Klinghardt, MD – Lyme disease
  • Robert Mozayenia, MD – Bartonella
  • Bob Miller, CTN – How epigenetic and genetic factors create a vicious cycle of inflammation that impairs detoxification
  • Carsten Nicolaus, MD – Lyme testing and European update
  • Mark Filledei, MD – CBD and related cannabanoids
  • Lori Allen, – Pharmaceutical issues in caring for the chronically ill
  • Kenneth Liegener – Repurposing Disulfram for the treatment of Lyme disease

Sunday, Oct 4th

  • Theoharis Theoharides – The role of mast cells in brain syndromes involving inflammation
  • Emily Poccia, ND – Dysbiosis as a root cause of inflammation
  • Dale Bredesen, MD – Precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases
  • Bruce Hoffman, MD – Tying together difficult cases

Pre-conference Session – Sept 26th

  • Mary Ackerley, MD – Introduction to ISEAI
  • Margaret Di Tullio, APRN – Diagnosis of Mold Illness
  • Kellyn Milani, ND – Differential diagnosis
  • Lauren Tessier, ND – Treatment of Mold Illness
  • Keith Berndtson, MD  and Mike Schrantz,  CIEC – Clinician and Indoor Professionals – Answers to challenging questions

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