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End of the year donation drives are always anxiety producing. For one, they can account for a rather jaw dropping 40-50% of Health Rising’s yearly income. It’s a great relief, then, to be able to report that our 2020 BIG (little) donation drive was successful. Wee did not meet our “go-for” target but we certainly made our goal.

The total is not complete, but as of now – thanks to over 450 donors – we brought in about $44,000 dollars. With 60 more donors than last year, we just blasted through our prior donor record. That was great to see.

Overall, despite the pandemic, Health Rising had a good year financially and I think we’re in good shape heading into 2021.

That’s good news as we hope to finally get several projects out including the Lives Interrupted/Big Map project within the next couple of weeks – and another (secret) project which will likely require substantial resources. Plus, we have a website redesign we hope to carry out.

This year is starting with many questions. How will the NIH disburse the billion dollars plus in funding for long term COVID studies? Will it expedite the funding showing or will it show up sometime in fall (after the pandemic has ceased). How big of a role will ME/CFS/FM researchers play and how will they benefit?

How does ME/CFS’s sister disease –  fibromyalgia –  fit into all of this? (It must in some way). How about post-Lyme disease? Will the COVID research help us learn about how autoimmune diseases get started?

When will ME/CFS/FM researchers be able to fully pick up their studies and trials again? What has the pandemic cost them? What has it cost our ME/CFS/FM experts?  Will the pandemic be a turning point for Ampligen? What about HR 7057? It seemed like we were just on the cusp of passing that historic legislation. What will happen with that?

Health Rising is going to be a bit quiet for a little while as I catch up on things and get ready for the new year.

Thanks again to everyone who made Health Rising’s BIG (Little) year end drive successful and supported us throughout this tumultuous year.

Stay safe!

Yours truly,


A BIG thanks to the 320 people who helped make Health Rising's fundraising drive a success!

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