The Miracle Recoveries: Very Severely Ill People with ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia Who Have Recovered

Below is a list of of people who have been very severely ill with ME/CFS who demonstrate that recovery or near recovery from even the severest cases of ME/CFS is possible. These people have all been completely or almost completely bed bound and most have suffered from severe sensitivity to stimuli such as light, noise and touch.

  • Michael Dessin – variety of alternative treatments
  • Jean – fibromyalgia patient bed bound by pain – vagus nerve stimulation
  • Jennifer Brea – surgery for craniocervical instability and other spinal issues
  • Jeff – surgery for craniocervical instability
  • Jaclyn  – antivirals
  • Fred – antivirals
  • Kyle McNease – chelation, antivirals, mitochondrial and adrenal support and others. (ME/CFS triggered by heavy metal poisoning.)

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