Thanks to everyone who’s helped Health Rising to receive $175 in new recurring donations monthly over the past 3 days and to those who’ve provided valuable  single donation support.


Thanks to the recurring donors who’ve pledged $75 monthly in the last 24 hours to support Health Rising’s work in the last 24 hours

Matching Donation Opportunity

Five dollars a month just got a bit bigger. In a first for Health Rising, one of our long-time recurring donors has generously provided a matching donation opportunity.

Linda and her husband Roger, have pledged to make a one-time donation to Health Rising for every recurring donation created from the start of this fundraising drive until Sunday, Nov 10th….

From Linda

You’ve been a lifeline to me, a window to the world…hope. I’m a 64 year young woman who has survived this vicious illness…23 years and counting. My husband and I are $25/month recurring contributors. We believe so fervently in what you do; it’s invaluable.  Living in Wyoming, our isolation  brings special challenges. The depth and breadth your blogs and newsletters bring is priceless.

For every recurring contributor from yesterday, through this Thursday, November 7, Roger and I will donate $5 for a one-time pledge. 5 x 5…Let’s make it grow.

  • 20 Recurring contributors x $5 = $100
  • 100 Recurring contributors x $5 = $500
  • 250 Recurring contributors x $5 = $1,250
  • 500 Recurring contributors x $5 = $2,500

Come on folks! If NPR can do this, SO CAN WE! My dream has been to assist Cort…this is a start. We’re not wealthy, but we’ll dig deep to help this grow exponentially. We NEED Cort’s life work.

At last we have a Wyoming doctor working holistically with me. I’ve made a 40% improvement cognitively…so…its time for me to step up and renew my commitment to Cort and this work.

Pass this on…please… Shake out those piggybanks, take a chance, support a dream, call someone and ask them to support this. For those of you who are unable to go forward with this, trust me, I truly understand.

What I KNOW is that there is always something we can do, whether its money, or as importantly, passing on this information to our network.

Shake Those Piggybanks!


Linda will match the first month’s donation from every new recurring donor created between Sunday and Thursday….

Pledge $5/month to support Health Rising before  Sunday, Nov. 10th – and get your first pledge doubled by Linda’s matching grant.

Simply go to the Support Our Work box on the right hand side of every page on the website, and click Subscribe to invest $5/monthly in Health Rising’s work.

Thanks for your support.


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