Three years ago Joey’s brain was mush  and his body was broken.  A graduate from a top University Joey couldn’t walk for 10 minutes without suffering for two days, he had to use a wheelchair at time and his chemical sensitivities limited him significantly.  He was  not a happy camper.

Who is your treatment match?

Who is your treatment match?

He’d spent more than $200,000  trying to get well. He’d seen some of the best ME/CFS doctors. He didn’t have many options left.

Then, as he was considering whether to take out a $30,000 loan for an experimental drug, a possibility popped up that probably ranked about a nine out of ten on the ‘weird, radical,  totally unaccepted by the medical profession’ scale’, but it was simple and it was cheap……. and it worked.

Five days after embarking on his trial he was walking again… His head was clearing. He pushed himself on a long walk one day – it was miserable all the way –  but the blow-back the next day, the dreaded post-exertional malaise was gone.  His body was recovering. Now he’s lifting weights (WEIGHTS!). Joey still has neurological issues, but he’s physically pretty darn strong now.  He found a partial treatment match.

It turned out there was a treatment that was a significant fit for Joey. It wouldn’t work for everybody, but it worked for him.  He didn’t get it from his doctors (even his ME/CFS experts).  He found out about it on the internet, but it took time and it almost didn’t happen in time.

He started HealClick so that other people could find their match – their treatment fit (if it’s out there) – more quickly than he did. Think of HealClick as a big database of what does and doesn’t work. The bigger it grows the better chance each of us have of finding the treatment that gets us out of the wheelchair or bed onto the hiking path and even into the weight room. Wouldn’t that be something?

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